I Want To Be Totallly Solid Black!

I plan to tattoo myself solid BLACK.  Not dark brown.  Deep. dark black.  I wear black rubber catsuit, etc. most of the time.  I usually wear a hood under my helmet.  And when I can I wear the rubber gear when not riding.  I think having my face and head (I am bald) deep black  will allow me to not wear the hood as much.  It will intensify the alien image I try to create.  (Don't mess with this weird dude).  I have always loved black and admired the dark skin of my naturally darkj friends.  I plan to do my entire body eventually, I am made up in my pic to look like a primate.  And, I would like to have this surgery done at some future date.  I have been told by a surgeon that   my natural bone structure is favorable.   Yes, I want to be ugly. 

What do you think?  Let me hear from you.
blackrider1938 blackrider1938
31-35, M
Sep 4, 2011