I Hate That You Have To Wait Till Your 18 !

i know what tattoo i want, i want my zodiac sign because i feel such connection to it.
i have felt that it was the only thing i was sure of, i was sure i was a scorpio,
it has always been part of me, since i can remember!

and a little bird of paradise, they have been my favourite thing since i was 5,
i always thought it was one of those beautiful things god kept on this planet for us.
they are so beautiful, so magical and i wish i could have one...

just annoys me that i have to wait till im 18..grrrrrr

UmbraEyes UmbraEyes
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3 Responses Oct 8, 2011

that depends though if ur 17 cause with ur parents signature u can get one or find someone cheap that can do it for u

they speaknot ust what they mean toyou they tell who you are

It's permanent... and a lot about your views may change as you get older. You will wait 18 years to get it.... and have it on your body for another 70 years or so. Waiting until 18 isn't that bad. I'd say wait until your mid 20s personally. I'm still fighting with the idea of getting my tattoo.<br />
<br />
Sorry if that sounds like an "older and wiser" kind of rant. I just know a lot of people that think the tattoos they got at 18 are stupid and they wish they had never got them.

that is why i think you must pick something that really means a lot to you, coz then that meaning will never fade away

Very wise. If it has a lot of meaning then maybe it is right for you. :)