I need help!!! I want to get a tattoo, but my mum is totally against them!!
My idea for the tattoo was getting the symbol for 'Hakuna Matata'!! The reason behind this tattoo is that I visited Tanzania over the summer and it had such an impact on my life that i want to have something on my body that will always remind me of that time in my life. I am 18 and feel that it should be my choice if I should get a tattoo or not!! What do you think?
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don't do it til you're of age. 3 years will fly by before u even know it. the longer u wait for it, the more satisfying and meaningful when you finally get it.

Before you get the tattoo, you should know that there is no symbol for Hakuna Matata. <br />
The symbol you're talking about was created for a South Koren movie called 200 Pounds Beauty. Swahili is a language that's written using the same alphabet as English. <br />
<br />
Please educate yourself before you do anything.

Get it somewhere she won't notice? Or sit her down and have a proper adult conversation with her and explain to her why you want this tattoo and what it means to you