I to want a tattoo, a poet and don't know it lol any who i have debated for a very long time about getting a tattoo, what to get , where to put it ,how big or how small should i go. so many things to consider i know i don't want what every tom, ****, and harry has i want something original but what? i guess that's why i don't have one yet. i do however keep looking, and i am not to bad of an artist as i have drawn up a few that i might like. i still can not come up with anything that i want on my body for the rest of my life as they do tend to distort with age and that is when people say (what the heck is that?) lol perhaps i might get a tattoo of a grape and as it ages i can tell people its a raisin.
seatheart seatheart
56-60, M
May 19, 2012