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Soon, So Soon

I can't wait to get my first tattoo, which won't be until after college sadly due to my parents threatening to not help pay for college if I get one, they hate tattoos. That's still not going to stop me from getting one as soon as I get my first chance. I plan on getting three at least, a large Celtic cross on my back, the five fold on one of my shoulders and my dog I had to put down on the other, along with his name. I'm only counting down the days until I can finally get a tattoo, it can't come quick enough.
Kneth55 Kneth55 22-25, M 2 Responses Jun 9, 2012

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i know how you feel. my parent are doing the same to me -.- but hey college is worth more than a tattoo at the moment. :)

Oh by far, i can wait until after I graduate to get one but still I can't wait.

Hopefully its soon. At least you can take this time to look around and find good places to get them done at. Also, to make sure thats what you really want. How much longer do you have to wait?

Yeah I have been, only two more years, possibly sooner now since my parents are letting my sister get one just as long as she pays for it. The same logic should hopefully apply to me too.