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Soon, So Soon

I can't wait to get my first tattoo, which won't be until after college sadly due to my parents threatening to not help pay for college if I get one, they hate tattoos. That's still not going to stop me from getting one as soon as I get my first chance. I plan on getting three at least, a large Celtic cross on my back, the five fold on one of my shoulders and my dog I had to put down on the other, along with his name. I'm only counting down the days until I can finally get a tattoo, it can't come quick enough.
Kneth55 Kneth55 22-25, M 1 Response Jun 9, 2012

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i know how you feel. my parent are doing the same to me -.- but hey college is worth more than a tattoo at the moment. :)

Oh by far, i can wait until after I graduate to get one but still I can't wait.