My Tattoo Ideas

i have never ever wanted to get a tattoo but now that i am embarking on a totally new chapter in my life, i want something to commemorate it.  when i lose the weight i want to lose, i want a back shoulder piece done.  i saw one once of a lady who had a cherry blossom all the way around her side and up her back.  while i am not into pain, it was gorgeous, i have to say.  i don't think i could be that ambitious, however.  i would be interested in a henna tattoo type thing because i love the intricate designs, but i'd have to get it somewhere i could cover it up for work.  i also like the white ink tattoos that are "in" right now as well... 


i have a while to go before i have to make any decisions.  ;)

dreamraider dreamraider
36-40, F
Jul 5, 2008