For Bitter Or Worse

I definitely want a tattoo. Just one. One with lots and lots of meanings behind it.

I've been a huge admirer of a Dutch singer for like five years now. She's amazing. She's the woman who taught me how to love myself. I've been through so many ups and downs while following her those last few years. Every second with her on the stage and us front row has brought me extreme happiness. I know it may sound pathetic until here, but don't worry, my reason is not just her and I won't get her name tattooed.

At one point, after seeing her live a few times, I decided to take my friend with me to one of her shows. We'd had so much months filled with fights behind us and I felt like it was the right time to just get to know each other again. So she'd go to one of her concerts with me and then the next time she'd pick an artist. It never got that far... We waited for hours and hours that day, were standing front row and the second she heard Anouk sing her first words I saw something so special. Her eyes were twinkling like mine did the first time I saw her perform live.

Since that day we haven't missed one performance and we became soulmates after spending much time together. I can't even imagine living without my best friend anymore. As I can't imagine for Anouk to ever dissapear. My friend and I already were soulmates, but this woman, she brought us back together. Like it was all meant to be. "What's meant to be, will always find a way to me."

So those two persons are the reason behind my tattoo. My love for them is endless and I'll never forget them. I just want something that'll remind me of these amazing changes in my life. Because they've really changed me, I've shared all kinds of emotions with them. They'll always have my back each in their own way. The music will always be with me, as will my best friend be always there to call. And since Anouk has made the best song in this whole wide world with such an amazing title, which was the first song ever that made me cry just because it's so good and so damn sad... I decided that the title of that song will become my tattoo. The title is 'For Bitter or Worse' and to me it means that me and my friend will always be together, whatever happens in life, whoever will knock us down.. When we're together, it's all gonna be okay, even if it's just on that one moment.

I want to get a tattoo saying 'For Bitter or Worse' written in the handwriting of my dearest soulmate, so that when I look at it, I'll be reminded that we'll always be like together in my dreams, memories and hopefully in real life. Just questioning the place for this tattoo.. Any suggestions?
stillnessofthemind stillnessofthemind
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012