Symbol Of My Craft

I plan to get a tattoo when my first books give me the money to do so.
I know exactly what I'm going to get.
I'm a writer, slowly mining the rough material of my first books out of the morass that has been my writing spirit for years, and I'm discovering that it means the world to me. Nothing makes me feel happier, more at peace, and more like myself - of course, nothing makes me feel more miserable either, but that's love. And writing is my love.
It's only recently that I've gained the discipline to go beyond the hard parts, to take the rough, half-hidden materials of my ideas and begin crafting them, however crudely, into a story. Writing is alchemy to me, the process of lead into gold, and even if you fail a hundred times you live for the hundred and first - when you finally see that gleam. For that, you put a lot of things aside, suffer a lot, discipline yourself.
That is what the flamel means.
So when I publish my first books, the moment I have earned enough money, it'll be off to a tattoo parlor, for a flamel on my left upper arm. A snake twining around a cross, graced with a winged crown. It is a symbol of alchemy; a symbol of overpowering what darkness exists within you, of creating something beautiful of it.
In my case, words of gold.
That's the tattoo I know I'll have someday.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

That sounds lovely :) it reminds me of the fullmetal alchemist anime symbol if you've ever heard of it! Writing is a lovely art! Good luck with your writing!