One Day Soon....

I dream of getting tattoos. I know the ones I want are kind of stereotypical, but they hold meaning to me. Both are Japanese symbols:

1. Laughter - I want this because everyone tells me that I can always put a smile on someones face no matter the situation. I love having this ability because I hate seeing people sad or upset under any circumstances. I always try to look on the bright side of everything for other people's sakes.

2. Independence - I want this one as well because it defines me. I don't lean on anyone for anything and I accomplish everything I set out for myself. I am able to be myself all the time and never succumb to stereotypes.

I am choosing Japanese characters for this because, and this may be lame, but my dream is to live and work in Japan. xD yes, I know that's not a HUGE reason to get my body embellished in Japanese, but still. It's either that or Hebrew. Being 100% Jewish, on both sides of my family, it holds a large place in my heart, yet I don't know if that is what I truly want...


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That definitely helped! =) thanks!<br />
And you are right about that, so now I've got more to consider!!