I Know Exactly

what i want.  i want a black and white lotus flower on the center of my back, just below my neck.  and not teeny tiny either -- about 4 inches long. i am not so scared about the needle part as i am about how much it will cost!!  i told my husband i want it for my birthday. i see tattoos on people all the time.  i am getting one for me, and me alone.  not for any other reason.   it will mean something significant to me.  i have read that lotus flowers grow through the mud and become beautiful flowers.  that's me.  that's what i want.

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

The needle part isn't all that bad, mine was pretty easy to handle actually. The cost? I saved up for mine, it's silly how much it costs, and yet tattoo artists need to make a living too!

aw good luck with getting your tattoo. I want to get roughly three tattoos and they will be so expensive if I get them done by the person I want them done by, approx £70/per hour in fact >.> and I want portraits they are gonna take a while lol. <br />
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Either way, that's a very pretty idea, and I hope the price isn't too much and works out for you in the end :)