What I Don't Get...

What I don't get, is why does someone LIE to me, and tell me they don't have texting anymore, but I hear from OTHER people, that they are texting you, and hearing from you. I mean, if you DON'T want to talk to me, ******* tell me, stop pulling me the **** along!

Also, what I Don't ******* GET, is why tell me, you are going to TEXT me, and you ******* Don't! I hate it SO ******* MUCH! Really Just Stop hurting me the way you do! You have no Idea how much I Look up to you! So for you to Do this, really makes me Doubt you Love me at all....

I am just venting right now, I am hurting, and I just am trying to get some of it out!
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

It's good to vent like this Angel. Take it all out , thank you for posting.