I should acquire one of these hip items, preferable realy cheap. I have a couple of neat shawls.
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Bear in mind; you get what you pay for. (sometimes) I will tell you where to get one, genuine hippie, but prob. not cheap, cheap.<br />
It comes with a short story though: 3 weeks ago, I visited a hippie commune (my people) in Summertown, Tenn. <br />
It was started in 1971 by a visionary named... uh-oh... well, Stephen something.<br />
Of course many thought it would be sex, drugs & rock & roll 24/7.<br />
Of course, this man's idea was thought out and based on some basic solid principles and knew that it wouldn't last with those ideals. Hence, almost 40 yrs later, it's still there. <br />
There were some aspects that were disappointing, e.g. they don't subside on farming anymore to support themselves, they depend on 'grid' electricity and a few other minor things. But the principles which they live by have created a society of very balanced and very real people. This is also seen in the second generation, now up and coming as well as the third.<br />
No person there, from age 4 to 80, failed to, at the very minimum greet us with a smile, hello and/or a wave. Most engage you in conversation and oddly enough, we were never asked where we come from or any question that might infer we were outsiders. Which of course, we were.<br />
I got no sense what-so-ever of a 'cultishness'. <br />
<br />
Oh, yeah, tie-dye poncho...<br />
They have 'em. There was a lady there who was drying them out as she made them, at the visitor's center, where they sell them also.<br />
You can get on-line and contact them, just 'google': "commune, the farm" (which is what they named it) and I feel sure that you could even make arrangements to purchase one via the mail order.<br />
<br />
Good luck