I would love a best female friend. so badly. I seem to only connect well with guys and i enjoy the simplicity and detachment of that. But i have a feminine spirit thats really sinking. I dont know whats wrong with me though coz i find it so hard to talk to girls. Ive had great female friendships in my life but lately its been hard to maintain those. I guess i always feel like i need to babysit the relationships. And at best i am an avoider, a recluse and socially moody. With guys i find it easy to disconnect and then reconnect without that being seen as an attack on the relationship. The other day i reconnected with a male friend i hadnt spoken to or seen in years. There was no drama around that. It was just like hey, whatsup and we were normal again. I like that. I hate emotional drama. I would love a friendship with a woman that i can feel safe but free in. Girls really rock and my soul needs some feminine energy...
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i can understand your condition completely........ i too have great male friends but sumhow no female friends by my side..... this has become d biggest problem in my life right nw...

Yeah i agree.

I feel comfortable with men as friends but i think Women understand each other better in some fields of life.....:):):)

you and me both. Which is why i try to keep them at arms length

Gosh i hate female drama so much!

i know what you mean. I feel the same way. I have more guy friends then i do girls. Sometimes guys are just easier to talk to but it would be nice to have at least one girl that will also understand you and doesn't judge. And def no drama lol