Tummy Tuck

I just had a tummy tuck procedure done ten days ago , and let me tell you it's the best money I ever spent.  I only took one pain pill and that was because the nurse told me to take it as soon as I got home.  I want every woman to know how great this experience has been for me. I will be fifty in three months. I had four pregnancies and gained weight . I decided to  lose  the weight and ended up with loose skin I called the Jelly roll. No amount of exercise was going to rid me of my jelly roll. I hated how I looked in my clothes all the shirts had to hide my belly . The rest looked great. I finally decided to get a tummy tuck and once I saw the dr. it happened very quickly.  I went to the dr.s office with no apprehension. I was given an iv, the dr. marked where he was going to cut and a little liposuction. Once that was done I was knocked out.  I woke up a little nausous from the anastesia. I had pain but it didnt even hit a five. The nurse showed me how to empty my drains and to keep record of all output. I was also instructed to keep the girdle like garment on . I then went home and saw the dr. the very next day. Every thing was well , i saw the dr. again four days later . At this appointment he took one the drainage tubes out. checked the incision and sent me home. Today is day ten and the difference already is a miracle. I have a body that most teenagers would envy, no joke. I feel great .My self esteem has increased 100 percent. I went to the market today and the looks I received really make me feel young again.  I would do this again in  a heart beat. I see the dr. again in two days hopefully the other tube will be removed.  I cant wait to see the final results. I will post again.

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I've been looking into tummy tuck in Salt Lake City for a friend of mine. She has had this dream for a while now, thanks for your post. I'll refer it to her. http://nuvistaplasticsurgery.com

Thanks for sharing. I'm scheduled for my TT in October. I can't wait.

Did it cost a lot I want it so much

HI! Thanks for posting .... actually I am at the exact point now where you were at this post so it works out well for me, reading it. I also had almost no pain. My family and the doctor/office staff are amazed because so many people aren't standing straight at 8 days and have NO pain since the first day. I don't mind it AT ALL>...<br />
Please as punch with the results. My hubby did pre op and continues to do post op pics for me so that I get that positive reinforcement of how fabulous the change is. I highly recommend doing this for yourself. No blues here. at least not yet but I understand that there is a phase where it's fairly common. Just keep your head in the game, and focus on the final result. Sometimes you have to deal with the rain to get the pretty flowers. My surgery total was 9300 and that included liposuction and all the hospital fees too. NOT bad for this area ( Doylestown/Philly)

If you don't mind me asking how much did it cost you?

hi glad all is going good for you. i had a tummy tuck 3 months ago and still swollen , please up date your recovery love to hear how its going with you..thanks. feel well

Thanks for sharing your experience. I toy with the idea of cosmetic surgery and joint replacements, but I think what I really need is a body transplant -- So for now I am learning how to live with what i've got.<br />
I am happy for you :-)