I Had a Tummy Tuck and Am Very Happy

I am sharing this story to help people that are thinking of tummy tuck but are afraid to go through with it. I my self was that person till a I finally decided to just go ahead and do it. I have to say that it was the best decision of my life. I haven't had bikini since I've hade my second child and I am going to get my self a whole wardrobe of bikinis once I am fully recovered.

I've had my tummy tuck last Tuesday and still feeling pain. But unlike I've imagined it's a tolerable pain. My plastic surgeon is Dr. Mordcai Blau, which I personally recommend. A friend of mine recommended me of him and I can't thank her enough.

She had tummy tuck with him last spring and even had her photo presented in his site on the tummy tuck page:


The first thing you need to know about tummy tuck is that there are scars, big ones. but they are nothing compare to the wobbling skin and fat I've had to put trough for so many years now.

The area is still a little red and blue, but I can already see the beautiful results. Let's just say that my bathroom mirror is getting visited about every few hours.

I wouldn't recommend it for people that can solve their big belly problem with sporting or dieting, since the scars are big and it is a surgery with full anesthetization, but for people like me it's a miracle come through. When I think about all these years that I hesitated, I just want to kill my self.


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I had a tummy tuck just under three months ago. while am happy to have accomplished this dream of over twenty years, I am feeling like I have an alien under my skin. I feel as if I have a piece of wood under my skin. is that normal?

I am a mom of 6 year old triplets, and want/need a tummy tuck! But I am totally scared! But, on the other hand I don't want to keep putting it off. Do you have any info. you can give me about the surgery before/ after to help me make this decision.

Having a tummy tuck and liposuction to back and flanks on 5/1/2012 and I am nervous. How soon were you able to walk around? Did you have drains, if so how long were they left in?

Hello I'm new to the group, but I'm also planning to have a full tummy tuck done next year early march sometimes. After having four children and a hystrectomy, I finally decided that I want to done this for ME. So I can be pleased with what I see in the mirror and how I look without the girdles and spanx. I've discussed my desire to have this procedure with my husband and he was a little hestitated at first, then he said that he will support me on this..soo I'm neverous just praying that it goes very well and I'm able to cover the expenses of the surgery. But this is something I can finally do fo me!.

I joined EP just to respond to your comment! Oh my gosh I know exactly how you feel wearing uncomfortable Spanx and girdles all of the time. I plan to get a TT this summer and will be glad to burn all of mine! I've had two babies who stretched my tummy to the limit during my pregnancies, had c-sections, and am petite, so I look as though I am 4 months pregnant. I just want to look in the mirror feel normal again.

Could you give an update on your experience. I just had my TT 8 days ago and I'm feeling pretty discouraged.
Any info you could provide would be really helpful. Thank you

I have been wanting to get a tummy tuck since I had my third child 4 years ago. I work out 5-6 times a week and watch what I eat, and this extra skin will not go away and it makes me very self conscious. Money is also an issue, and I worry about getting out of shape and who will take care of my 3 kids? Also, I think my husband thinks this is just a vanity issue. Where do I start? I would rather do this now than wait till I'm 45 and can't wear a bikini anymore...

Hello, I'm also planning on having a tummy tuck been to 5 consultations . Doing it in 6 to 8weeks need to<br />
drop 15 pounds before surgery they said the more weight you lose the better the resault is. Also its funny how they all do it a differnt way i just want the safest way i have 4 kids! Also the most important things to <br />
me is the connection with the doctor the education of the doctor and how long he's been doing it ! you must do your homework on these doctors out there for sure! Anyone live in the Tampa Fl area?

i am planning on getting this done in January of 2012. how r u feeling now? i am nervous. i had a cyst removed when i was 3 months pregnant with my second child {she is 8 now} that was painful and i have a big scar which will be gone. i am just nervous for the "after" pain.

hello iam also preparing myself to get a tummy tuck actually iam having a breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck same day.. iam excited and b nervous as well.. more or so nervous about my tummy tuck... :) so if anyone else could give me advice i would greatly appreciate it:) thanks..

i had a tummy tuck 11 weeks ago cant wait for results !! SWOLLEN still and will be for a while slept in lounge chair for a week in my bed room hubby took a week off of work to care for me and i needed it.

I am having one in 3 weeks. The Dr gave me xanex for the anxiety. I am also excited and scared mainly about the post op healing time and not being able to go to the gym.

I am hoping to have one soon - I am SO EXCITED but scared too! I am afraid of the anxiety I am going to feel right before surgery (for anyone who has experienced real anxiety you understand!!) and nervous about the results......AGGGHHHH !!! anyone have pictures to post???

I think its great how you feel and I hope I feel that good after mine as well!! You give me hope and I am less afraid (a bit anyways)...I am lloking forward to my outcome!!!

I'm so jealous..... I want one!!<br />
<br />
Wondering how you look and feel now, as you wrote this quite a few months ago.<br />
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