I Don't Think Anything Will Make It Go Away

Even exercise doesn't seem to get rid of that extra skin on my stomach.  It's just sick.  I mean, this skin could swing to the side and slap someone if I wanted to (well..probably not but feels like it).   So many people get the surgery and I can't because I don't have that kind of money and probably never will.  My friend had one in March, and yes, I'm jealous BAD!!  I'm not going to be shy about my weight.  I'm 165 right now.  My heaviest was 223.  When I was in high school I was somewhere between 100-115 pounds.   When I was 22 I was 130 and thought I was huge!  When I was 33 I was 220.   I guess that when you drop weight, the skin likes to hang on or something.    I wish there was some way I could just cut it off myself.   hmmm... 

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1 Response Oct 27, 2009

I am like you..the extra skin that I so want to get rid of but can't any other way...and it doesn't even cover up that easily, if at all...no matter what I do I can still see it when I look in a mirror so there is no way no one else can see it...ya maybe it doesn't bother them like it does me, but theres no denying its there!!!<br />
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Usually there are assistance programs thru your surgeon to help cover costs, and you can work out a payment plan with them (the lending company)...I know the places I have looked into offer that...It is a lot of money, but I am hoping it is so worth it...