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If I Lived In Medieval Times And Was A Princess

If I was a princess and lived in medieval times. I would be waiting in a tower for my knight in shining armor to come get me on a magical flying unicorn. And I will say oh fair knight if you wish me to be yours you must hang me by my very very strong panties on your unicorns horn and ride of with me like that. The knight says ok and gives a very strong and firm wedgie and hangs me on the unicorns horn. The unicorn doesn't like it so it bucks around and as it does I swing side to side so the wedgie deepens. I get so turned on I get wet. The knight calms down the unicorn and he rides of with me hanging by the unicorns horn. We get married and I am in a atomic wedgie in a medieval version of a thong and we ride with me hanging by the same panties and then we fly off so gravity does its things and forces the wedgie in deeper and the knight is giving me a hard in another medieval thong and on our honey moon I fall asleep in the hanging wedgie while the knight sleep next to me.
lonewolf4003 lonewolf4003 18-21, F 1 Response Apr 16, 2013

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I'm ur knight ;)