Fervent Wish

I hate the body I was born with and that ugly deformity hiding between my legs.I want my body and mind to match!

Throughout my life I have fervently wish that I would wake up a girl.... then my body would be in harmony with my heart and mind.

I will be a total woman one day with a body to match....one day
Becnme Becnme
56-60, F
6 Responses May 26, 2010

@Jessica - It's not a case of being brave as much as being necessary for my own sanity and mental well being.<br />
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@FL - *giggles* * blushes* thank you x

All the best to you hon, I admire you for being brave and really taking the steps to achieve what you truly want. Someday I hope that I can follow in your footsteps.<br />
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Hugs and kisses, Jessica

I thank you sincerely.There comes a point in time when the charade can no longer be played, when I can no longer act something I'm not. At least EP has given me the freedom as I try to express myself....the real me. and people that are there to support. I thank you.

I will pray that your journey goes smoothly without many detours along the way. I feel so blessed that I am completely a woman. I only began to know about transgendering when I came to EP so I can't fully understand it but the mental toll it takes on those that are my friends here has been phenomenal so my heart goes out to you.

Thank you..I have begun the journey.

I hope you get your wish.