That Would Ultimately Define Me As A Girl

Even though I feel like a girl, having an actual vagina of my own would ultimately define me as a female. No matter how manly I looked (I'm not overly manly but not passable as a female), I would be a woman. I would be expected to be wearing female clothing, to be emotional and caring and all the other wonderful things I'm not allowed to do or be as a male.
Alison333 Alison333
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2010

I see what you're saying.... having the vagina would serve as an anchor for your sexual identity. Right? It gives you external validation for your internal feelings.

I guess the true test of strength though would be for you to be certain of your identity..... whether or not you have the vagina.

You can say "I know who I am. I want to be caring and loving. I want to wear women's clothing. I want to fulfill the female gender role. And even though I have don't have a vagina, I'm certain this is who I am, and I'm not ashamed of it."

I think if you can reach that point, you will be happier and stronger, surgery be damned!

I don't think the anatomy really defines us as male or female. It is what is between the ears that defines us. Having our body reflect what is between the ears is a bonus.