Vagina Yeah I Want One Too

I have said that my man part is getting smaller and my b**bs keep getting bigger (44C) I might as well have a vagina it would be easier to go pee just to sit and not have anything to hold. I dress as a casual woman everyday I might as well go to the bathroom like a woman also. My wife keeps telling me "It's fun being a girl". Good then make me a girl so I can have girl fun too.
serinalynn serinalynn
66-70, M
7 Responses Sep 22, 2011

I'm hoping that they will be able to clone a vagina and uterus from one's own DNA so there wouldn't be any reject from your on body.

I think that would suit you

Me too .SRS go to sleep with a **** and 6 weeks later a *****

yes i wont a vagina to where can i get one

yep, me too!

I watched a SRS operation...bit gory.

Sign me up, I would love to have a vagina!