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I think it would be awesome to have a vagina, but I don't want the Breasts. Yes, all I want is the vagina. I would feel comforable with a toned body with a nice firm chest and a vagina. It would be like a new age person. Man that would feel so good to have one (a vajayjay)...LOL
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I kind of want the same thing, maybe. I don't know. But... idk. I kind of want to be a man, but with a vagina, who is with a man or a woman. I like both. But I kinda want to get ****** instead of doing the *******. And I want to be the same person otherwise. If I were to be with a woman, I'd call it a heterosexual relationship. I'd be a man. Who takes it from his wife. I don't want boobs or anything.

I agree so much!

Does anyone know how popular it is to get surgery to change just the genitals, nothing else? In essence, you'd be a man, but with a vagina instead of a penis.

I feel like it would be popular among transsexuals because you get the genitals you want, but you don't have to change your external masculine appearance, your lifestyle, anything on the outside. It can be your little secret!

i want a vagina,i hate my genitals i want to be smooth between my legs,

I like you would skip the breasts too. That is the real new age person in my mind!!!

I so agree with you. I bind myself with a gaff to hid my penis and I love it. I totally agree with you about being a new age person. I think that would be the most beautiful body to have and one I would love to get someday.....Rock on your not the only guy who wants a body like that!!!!!!!!! I would feel like my body matches who I am and I would so rock that vagina...lol........and man I would totally ware girl bikinnie bottoms at the beach.

Oh, i've actually taped my penis back before to see what I would look like with a vagina. I think i look beautiful, even without breasts.