Does Anyone Else Get This.... Ache?

Between your legs..... you know, where your vagina would be if you had one. It's like I'm just aching.... I want to be stretched, to be filled, but there's just.... nothing there to be filled. (I mean sure there's the anus, but it's NOT the same..) Sometimes I press really hard where the vagina would be, hoping to feel what it would be like to get penetrated. It feels good, but I think that's just the pressure on my prostate... I want to be stretched and opened...

And that flat crotch! Oh my god, that smoothness. I always imagine running my hand all the way down from my bellybotton to my butt and feeling nothing but smoothness..... smooth penislessness. I imagine rubbing my flat crotch on things I never could as a guy because of those stupid sensitive testicles... Or riding a horse and feeling it "clap! clap" against my crotch, but it doesn't hurt because I don't have balls anymore.

And then I could test myself... see what kinds of things I could get into this newfound hole of mine! There's so much more variety you can do with the vagina than with the penis. It's like penis: fap it for a couple minutes and you're done. But with a vagina..... you can try different shapes, sizes, textures, depth, temperature....there's always something new and exciting to try, a new border to push.

Anyway so that's my story. Reply if you thought this was interesting!
jimmyjohns33 jimmyjohns33
3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I agree with you

i know what u mean about the fellingof a hole but then yoy reach down then ther is not

I completely agree with you. The vagina is alot more versatile for pleasure and I hate having this stupid bulge under my clothing. I want it to be flat and smooth.