I Want A Friend Online Who Has A Webcam And Messenger To Chat

I am a homebody and i dont have a lot of time to hang out but i would like to chat or talk on mic and use webcams to see eachother.

quietone81 quietone81
26-30, F
22 Responses Mar 2, 2010

HardAsLife is my skype :*

we can chat i have lots of time. if you have skype find me at kevinsjr.

Quietone, I'm so glad to have found you. I have a lot of Home Alone time, and when I feel that "urge" I love to get into a cam2cam chat and "share the experience." It is so much more fulfilling than hidin' out in my room in the dark all alone. Would you like us to give a try sometime? I sure hope so.

Add me if you would like to chat and cam :)

Hey quietone, how are you? would love to help you chat on cam, would be fun, how do we go about it?

would love to chat.. drop me a line

message me back if u have skype

i would love 2 chat with you. my yahoo and skype ids are both ineed2cum22. message me there if u wanna chat

hi just let me know which communicator you are using ;)

My cam works very well if you want tchat with a french guy in Paris, so take care of time.... And we few groups in common...<br />
<br />
See you

hey add me on Skype camshy_89

sounds like fun .. add me up on skype miami_boi_3051

sounds like fun .. add me up on skype miami_boi_3051

Hi I would love to chat am cam with you. You can add me on yahoo and skype if you like jay121575

Happy o webcam with you :-)

Hi QuietOne, I would love to have some cam and or chat fun with you. I have Yahoo Messenger and Skype. Both are good for Instant Messaging and Cam broadcast. I will send you a private message with my info if you want.

I'm up for that. I have mic and cam and skype, let me know if you like to chat and I'll message you my skype name

happy to chat I am an easy going guy so wont judge either I have msn and yahoo and cam message me if you would like.

I also have a web cam to chat with also :-)

I forgot to check the box for receiving mail. So just mention Yes here and I'll contact you. If you do not like the idea, just sit tight. xW

It's worth a try? I work wirh all the IM's there are. So just mentioen one. I prefer a secured line. If you don't know how, I'll help you out. xW PS The other posrters as well if you like...

sounds fun my cams not working atm but im gonna get a new one soon, message me if you wanna chat