Death By Beauty

One night when you go to bed with your girlfriend I climb in through the window and talk to her. I convince her that now is her time to enjoy her long held fantasy of killing a boyfriend. I give her a hammer, a short rope and a sharp knife. I order both to ***** naked and play with her ***** as I instruct her how to kill you. First I tell her to strikes you twice on your forehead just to stun you but not render you unconscious. As she does this she feels so excited and more alive then ever before. I get her to wrap the rope round your neck and pull tight to strangle you slowly. She pants and gasps in pleasure and feels an ****** building in her *****. She holds off killing you and ******* for ages and then **** as she she slits your throat and stabs you repeatedly in your stomach.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

this is my dream........