Inspired By a film

John was so happy when he met the beautiful Julie and she agreed to be his girlfriend. He liked the way that Julie got excited watching gory violence in films. He loved it at first because she always got so turned on and sexually aroused she was desperate for sex when they got home. Then after they got married they were watching a film in which a beautiful girl tortured and castrated a man. John got an erection when he noticed that Julie was wanking and had an ****** as the man was being castrated. As Julie came John whispered into Julie's right ear "would you like to do that to a man?" Julie came stronger panting and gasping "yes darling please let me do that to a man!" John then whispered "would you do it to me? Torture, castrate and kill me?" "Oh, my darling, yes I want to torture, castrate and kill you. It will make me *** so hard!" She panted ******* again. John told her she could wait till he was asleep then tie him up and do it him. John had no idea that Julie would do just that finding out only when he was woken up naked and tied on his back on their bed.

Julie laughed and gasped with pleasure as she told John there was no turning back and that she was going to live her favorite fantasy. Julie lay on John and caressed her own clitoral as she stared into John's eyes. John had never seen his wife so excited sexually. Her face was flushed red and sweaty with desire. Then as John felt a sharp stabbing pain in his balls Julie's eyes slowly closed as she sighed softly gasping with pleasure as her body shivered and trembled with intense pleasure as she felt her ***** pulsating with joy. Julie told John the pain was pins being stuck into his balls.

Over the next 2 hours Julie stuck pins into John's **** and balls then unable to stop herself she took his **** into her mouth and bit it off. Then she lay on his bleeding body and started deep into his eyes as she slowly pushed a knife between his ribs and into his heart. Julie had an earth moving ****** that filled her body with more pleasure than she thought possible as she watched the life leave John's body.
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

very goo story .............

I'm hard reading it, having a women kill me with gun or knife in my belly button and lower down has been a hard on fantasy for me since the age of 14. I've hired prostitutes to play act shooting me in the belly and then pegging me while ************ me to ******. Someday I will want it for real.

Yes I always thought the ultimate ****** would be the one at death with your **** hard and spurting ***, your last gasp - aaaaaghh I'm finished. - I've role played it numerous times