Her Clothes

Sad to say I have had only one experience when a girl made me wear her clothes. Perhaps it is better to say I made her make me wear her clothes. She was out of the bedroom and I was in her lingerie drawer seeing what I could find. When she came in and found me I total her I was picking out lingerie to wear. Her comment back was then she would pick out lingerie for me to wear.

Happily we wore her most beautiful panties,matching bras,garter belts and stockings. The night was wonderful as all our beautiful lingerie moved over our bodies. She said she had a desire to be with another women and perhaps this was a start.

We fell off to sleep hours later both wearing satin nighgowns.

jansmith jansmith
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5 Responses Dec 8, 2009

I have always wanted to have a woman share her clothing with me. I do have my own, and am wearing a baby pink dress, panties, slip, with a white padded bra with push-up pads.

so hot i like to sleep with u <br />

I like your story, I'll love to sleep with mi girlfriend wearing both panties

Too bad it was one time. Now it is a dream for me.

nice story...was always a dream for me.