Missed Chances

I want experience that feeling of a women wanting me and showing how much she wants me, whether for me or for what I can give her at that time. When I was 16 I was helping a neighbor out by baby sitting her two kids as she went out and did whatever, properly a date or something. I would watch her kids and put them to bed or sometimes we'd fall asleep watching TV. She would come home around 11pm or 12am wake the kids up put them to bed or if they were in bed already we would talk for a bit, me being a shy person at the time never really thought of it to much but later found out she was trying to seduce me. She say why don't you stay you can go home in the morning, I only lived 4-6 houses a way so it was no big thing to walk home and every time she tried to get me to stay. Stupid me, she was very nice and hot. To this day I wish I had stayed to see what would've happened, I can only imagine she would've had her way with me and taught me this a 16 year old boy should know.
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Good times - Well... glad to hear/ read ,I'm not the only one who droppped the ball in the past . I guess some of us are not as different as we think. Oh the sadness of what did I do?.... Or , ...not do ? Cheers ...<br />
Just keep telling myself to try and recognise the moment ..NEXT time.. if , ...given the opportunity ... SD

We always wish for what could have been. I had something similar happen to me with me being just as ignorant as you at that age. Agh, for what could have happened? We'll never know, but ALWAYS fantasize. I'm sorry for both of us my friend.....

Too bad you didn't find out. So nice to have those kind of sexperiences.