Am I Too Old For Yonger Women To Want To Seduce Me?

I long for the day for a woman to come on to me. Sometimes I think I'm too old. Though I'm in my late 40's, about a 170 lbs. average looking. Still,I Iong for the days of my teenage years. In my mind, sometimes I feel like a teenager. As the song goes" I may be worn, but baby I ain't worn out.  Let me take you for a ride and I'll show you what I'm talking about". Lol, Life is still so good, but would be better if a woman would seduce me. 
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2 Responses Dec 24, 2011

So just curious, why younger women.... (I happen to be younger) but wondering what I have to look forward to in men my age when I get are older men still sexual and passionate or like yourself, will I be looking for younger lovers??

You are not old in your forties! Lol!

Not kindness, correctness. Lol!