I Wish A Woman Would Hit On Me

Everytime I go to a bar or night club I never seem to have any luck with women, I admit I'm quite shy until I've got a couple of JD's down me but even then they just don't seem interested in me. I'm a genuine nice guy and not too bad looking but never get a girl come upto me and flirt with me.

My ex-girlfriend goes out and hits on guys and pulls everytime and it makes me wonder where the woman like that is thats going to hit on me, just the once, but it never happens.
Drones Drones
26-30, M
1 Response Apr 10, 2012

Here is a little truth. It seems cold, but it is a way get into a date. In the beginning of a relationship the person who cares the least has the power. What that translates to is don't be too eager. Talk a little, then if there is no connection move on. The more you try the better you get at it and the more connections you will make.<br />
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Good Luck