The Bar Experience

My husband and I went to a bar near our favorite beach and I was terribly horny already the whole evening! I wanted to lie at the beach while he ***** me with his monster **** (he is really big). while sipping a Margerita I felt the urge to **** and I told my hubby so.He encouraged me to let go because he knows me and he knows that I get huge ******* when I do this in public. He took me to the darkest corner where another couple was kissing and fingering. I whispered to him that I really wanted, needed.
He hel me tight and I started pressing. it helps that i never wear panties. I felt my firm sausage slowly leaving my open ******* and the smell was rather strong. The couple beside us were staring at me and I winked at them and pressed it fully out. With a considerable splash it landed on the floor and I was moaning a bit loud because I had one of my gush ******* thatg always comes with a fountain of ****! In the meantime my hubby paid the bill and I stepped over my brown smelly baby on shaking legs. It was just wonderful! Fortunately the owner of the bar knows us and is aware what I m doing. he has seen it several times. A girl with a bucket rushed over and cleaned up my mess.It was big! we still went to the beach where my hubby took his turn and filled my mouth with his warm fres ****.We kissed with **** in our mouth and he ****** me like in paradise!! Im a serious married woman but a total scatslut!!
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I would love to have been there. I would have never have let your **** fall to the floor, it would have been in my waiting mouth.

Guess every scat boy wud have just wanked by reading this ..just like it did ..u are amazing women ..

That's ******* hot!
I wish I would live near that bar, I would never use the toilets...

i would have loved to play with your firm sausage,i might even suck it like a ock,i wish i was the person with the bucket cleaning it up

That is great. I wish I was there to see it. I'd have asked to lick you *** clean.

great glad to know you enjoy so much

Yummy, that is fantastic. I'm new to this and can only hope to find a scatloving partner to play with. I envy your hubby and his diet of your lovely scat.

Wow! You are so much fun.

thats sooooooo sexy !!!! would love to experience this !!!

I would like to be under you when you ****

Me too!!

Wow! Add me please! (=

Served fresh! Outstanding!

I am new to all this so I don't know were to start. I have all-ways loved to drink **** but this hit me like a truck would standing in the middle lane of a freeway.<br />
The other day I started reading stores about **** EATERS. The two things that every story had in common was when she said a persons throat is a extension of your ushers intestine if you swallow fast enough. <br />
The mirror though of how good that would fell while sliding down my throat. I really need to experience this felling so bad that I am now ******** in a large bowl. (GOD IT SMELLS REALLY GOOD TO ME and FROM NOW ON I WILL START PUTTING IT ON MY EATING PLATES AS WELL). Tho I have not tasted it yet I hop<br />
to start some day. I am thinking about a little lick while I am setting there eating<br />
supper.<br />
I just put my tongue on the **** I am smelling in the bowl. It is very tart and makes my mouth dry. But the real taste will *** when pick it up with my lips and suck on it. But don't have the nerve to go that far yet.<br />
The secant thing that I am most turned on about is when he said that after eating food from four people that his belly was full. To eat that much would make me go to sleep for a while. Tell I feel it going down my throat and I know<br />
when I go to bed with my belly full of nothing but other peoples **** and sleep like a baby. I will never get over doing this. The need to do this is so great that I am being haunted in body and spirit.<br />
Tell me is there any one that will help take my training to the next level.<br />
Are these normal craving I have<br />

Wish i were there to smell it.

That's pretty amazing.