It's Sexy, Taboo, And Intimate!

It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't already understand "scat" why I want a woman to poop in my mouth....but I'll try.  :-)

I've always loved caressing and squeezing and kneading a nice ***.  And I really love licking and tonguing a woman's ******* (I might love doing that to a man, but I've never tried it). Over the years I've gotten many women to *** really hard by eating her ******* while working her **** and/or g-spot, usually while she's laying face down (often with a pillow under her hips) with me behind her in between her spread legs.  Some women like firm pressure from my hand while they're *******.  Others like me to (just as they start to ***) bury my face (nose in *****, tongue pressing hard on ****) while I pull her hips tight against my face.

Whenever I'm tonguing an *******, of course I can tell when a woman needs to fart (she tightens up her *******).  I always say "don't hold it in, just let it out, and you don't ever have to warn me about it either."  A few have been embarrassed to do so, gotten up out of bed to let it out, and then come back.  But most women go ahead and fart.  I love to watch her wet anus relax to let out the fart, and then I get my tongue right back in there.  It really is a turn-on to have a woman fart in my face like that; my hard-on always gets harder.  And the smell is always part of the turn-on!  Most people don't mind the smell of their own farts, or they even like them.  When my **** is hard, I like a woman's farts as much as my own.

Many times while eating an *******, my tongue can feel some poop in there, and that's a big turn-on for me.  One time, after a woman had already farted a couple times, when my tongue felt poop, she said she had to get up to go to the bathroom.  We were in a hotel, so I especially didn't mind making a mess, and I actually had the nerve to ask her go ahead and let out the poop right there, right then.  She said No way.  I said Please, please, I really want to see you poop; I didn't tell her but I really wanted to feel the poop start to move out with my tongue, then move my head back a few inches so that I could see her ******* spread and start to let out the poop, and then put my mouth around the poop as it came out further and further; even though it might get messy and not be a solid, neat, "textbook" turd, I really wanted her poop in my mouth.  But she said No way again, and went to the toilet.  She let me watch her pee and poop, but I couldn't really see too much.  (Of course, I've seen many scat videos, but it's 1000 times more of a turn-on to actually do it in real life!!)

And I've fantasized about a woman ******** into my mouth in many different positions, but it all boils down to the same problem: How can I find a woman to do it?!  My current partner won't do it.  I'm seriously considering cheating at least once, assuming I can find a willing woman.  Anyone?

I suppose I should say that if you're a woman and you want to do other things as well, such as peeing on me or in my mouth, that's fine!  I haven't really fantasized about that, but I know I would love to do it if you wanted me to!

I'd love to hear from everyone, both men and women, about their thoughts of ******** in someone's mouth (or perhaps just on their belly, or whatever) and/or their thought of receiving **** in their own mouths.  Thank you!

JohnnyAnything JohnnyAnything
36-40, M
5 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I ate my beautiful girlfriend's **** at an outdoor restaurant in Rome. I gave her my spoon which she took to the Ladies Room. When she came back she retrieved the spoonful of her **** from her purse gave it to me. I ate it as we drank a bottle of Italian Red. When we got back to the room, she feed me the rest before we ****** wildly until dawn.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I eat my wife's **** regularly and she eats mine. We always have wild sex afterward.

One of many, many extremely passionate encounters the first time that she mounted my mouth (queened me) and slowly emptied all of her delicious female **** directly in my mouth and down my throat. She (my Goddess) put me in a state of ecstasy literally hundreds of times in hundreds of different situations.

Believe me Johnny. Once you've tried it you will never want to stop. My wife and I are both into it, eating each others and anyone else we can get to feed us, including our adult son and daughter.

I once accidentally squirted a wet **** in a man's face, he cringed at first, then opened wide, sucked and begged for more! It was the most erotic experience for me!..We were both vacationing, I never saw him again or met anyone to even bring it up to...but I dream constantly about pushing my **** in another man mouth and watching him savor it!

You can **** in my mouth anytime and I will eat every bit of it and lick you clean.

I have had thoughts of doing it to someone but....... as you said its hard to find someone that will be willing to let me do it in anyway >.><br />
I have wanted to **** in someones mouth for about 2 years now sense I have moved from fart **** to **** and now to scat * smiles * I know the feeling of relaxing over someones mouth to go it feels good and this is even something that I have not even told my girl I am afraid that she will leave me if I do tell her

You can **** in my mouth anytime. I love it.

I completely understand you.
My wife is not into it and you know Johnny, in a coupple of occasion I had pay a mistress to fuffil this exact fantasy of mind. I really want a nice women that is into scat, someone who would have the same kind of fantasies like Sweethlynn71.