My Wife Made Me Do It.....

So I know it has been a while since my original story. We were having trouble trying to find a **** to suck, tried everything and nothing ever worked. So anyways it happened and couldn't have been any better!

We decided to get away we went on vacation and I had given up on the idea all together. We checked in and then went out, when we checked in i couldn't help but thinking about how damn hot the guy was that checked us in. We went out for a while and then came back to the room. My wife "went to go get some ice", she came back and said it wasn't working and they were going to bring it up to us. We were sitting in the hotel room relaxing drinking some wine. A little while later there was a knock at the door, it was the hot guy that checked us in. He came in set on the bed, looked at me and said "are you ready?" I had no clue what he meant, apparently my wife talked him into to letting me suck on him while she was "getting ice." Anyways, once I found out what was going on HELL YES I WAS READY!!!!! I pulled off his belt, unzipped his pants and took down his boxers to see a nice juicy thick 8'' **** dangling in front of my face. I grabbed his *** with both hands and shoved his nice **** down my throat swallowing the entire thing. I then laid him down on the bed and went to work. My wife had her hand on the back of my head making sure I was going all the way down on his ****. I reached up my wife's skirt to find drenched panties and I invited her to join me. She did we continued switching up one on his balls and one on his **** at all times. She then surprised me again. She got up and went into the bathroom as I continued sucking away, she came back out and asked me to move him to the chair, so i did. So I am on my knees working on his wonderful ****, she pulls down my pants moves my cute pink lace thong to the side and begins strap on ******* my ***. I have never felt anything this amazing in my life I was in heaven with both holes filled. He was so turned on too. Finally he shot his hot load right down my throat, it was so much that I couldn't keep it in, some went on my face and my wife licked it up. He then left and I laid on the bed in complete ecstasy.

This was an incredible experience I couldn't have been any better, he and my wife loved it too! I would love to do it again sometime! Hope you enjoy!
sslut85 sslut85 18-21 6 Responses Feb 11, 2012

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Sounds like a fantastic time for everyone!

I loved it thanks.

Oh i want your wife to do that to me and i'd love my misus to arrange that for me to have to do yum yum

Great story, I'm jealous!

Dam i would have fuckd ur *** and *** in u

Wonderful, I have always dreamt of sucking **** with my wife and sharing the *** after.