Self Confidence.....

I'am so tired of meeting women that lack self confidence.  Us women in general of any walk of life. Have so much power within us. When I say that I mean, we are the most wanted beings on the planet. Everything on this planet revolves around us. Without us, ladies nothing will grow or reproduce. We are the nurturers, we are the X in the word SEX.  We as women need to understand this. Stop letting what jealous women and unworthy men have to think of us hold us down. We are special each and everyone of us. No matter how your body is shaped or whatever your quirks. Hold your heads up and look everyone that passes you in the eye. Embrace your inner sexyness. Don't be afraid to show  it.
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31-35, F
3 Responses Oct 20, 2007

I know you are right. Confidence is difficult to master sometimes.

thank you....but do you think that I'am right?

That is a very nice pep talk! I know someone else who shares your sentiment.