Dirty Fingering In Saigon

I met a girl in Saigon and after a couple of evenings she agreed to come to my place to watch a movie. She had told me already before that she would not want to have sex that night, still i wanted to see how far she would go.
So while we watched we had some nice glasses of wine and i started to play with her breasts (quite nice and big i have to say) and slowly undress her. I could tell how she got hornier and hornier and not much later i was between her legs licking her wet *****. After a while i started to play with her ******* and she let me slide my finger in without much resistance. To my surprise I could immediately feel that there was a lot of soft&hot poop in her ***. She must have had to poop but still let me play with her ******* so i decided to go a bit further and play with her poop and also take my finger out of her *** and push it back in, all the while licking her *****. The smell of her **** and the taste of her ***** made me absolutely crazy!
After a while she told me that she wants to be on top, so i pulled my finger out of her *** again and it was all full of her ****. She told me to lie back and started to give me a *******. She was kneeling besides me, so i could see that her ******* was quite dirty from my previous probing. She sucked harder and harder and her attention to my ****, the sight of her *** as well as the smell of her **** in the air brought me over the edge in no time and i shot a big load in her mouth.
I think this was one of the best sexual experiences where i did not have actual sex with a girl :-)
anaroda anaroda
26-30, M
May 14, 2012