Hot Wife

I am nearing 50 faster then I care to think about. Ideally I am finacially stable and would love a hot young wife to take care of and cuckold me.

She would be free to date and have sex with whomever she pleases. She could lock me in chastity and wear the key around her neck.

I would willingly eat lick her clean from a night on the town and suffer any humiliation that got her hot. My one request is time and that humiliation. Do not ignore me or be to tired to play. I have a desire too, just keep me on a leash keep me lusting after you, and let's have a great time.

I can think of nothing that gets me more excited then wanting to have sex with my hot young wife only to be locked up denied het go and have hot sex then come home and get teased and tormented.

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Sep 5, 2012