M Is For Machiavelli

“It is not titles that honour men, but men that honour titles.”
~ Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli (3 May 1469 – 21 June 1527)

I'm not big on the whole "Master" thing.  It makes me giggle, to be honest.  When I type it to a Dom, I can hear this voice in my head, the Igor voice that actor Dwight Frye used in the first thirties Frankenstein film.  Only his character wasn't named Igor, it was Fritz.  Or the Bela Lugosi character in the sequels, who WAS named Ygor.  Just sort of obsequious and creepy.  Gah.

Then I transition to the voice of the great Marty Feldman in the classic Young Frankenstein (it's pronounced "Eye-gor").  He hammed it up so beautifully.

I suppose if I wanted to make it less silly, I'd train myself to think of it in the way Darth Vader responds to his Emperor.  I found a cool ringtone for his "yes, Master" at http://audiko.net/ringtone/darth+vader/Yes+Master?ring=12550644 and listened to it for a while.  That James Earl Jones sure did a great job creating an iconic character just with his voice.  Well, the cool black helmet and cape helped too, but the voice was critical.

Still, those are all male role models for those who serve.  Milky is many things, but male she is not.  So I struggled, as I say.   When I was chatting tonight with one of my longtime Doms, I found a way to avoid having to use that title in the most Machiavellian way.  I'm rather proud of myself, actually.   He wants me to create a joint profile on a BDSM site, something which I think could be fun.  But he loves to refer to me as his slave, something I'm not terribly keen on.  I'm not even crazy about calling my own subs my slaves.

When I was at university, I took a seminar course with this great Italian professor.  We read a ton of different works by authors including Boccaccio, Petrarch, and Dante.  Of course Machiavelli was one of the gang, too.  The Prince and some other stuff.  Little did I know it would serve me in navigating sexual matters on the interwebs.  Hell, there were no interwebs back then.

Maybe labeling how our conversation went as Machiavellian is a bit highfalutin'.  But I can't help thinking good old Niccolò would have chuckled.

him: do you want to do a couples profile? and see who hits us up?
  we both have access
me: it could be very fun
  yes, please
him: you are the writer dear, go ahead and set it up and let me know the login
me: yes, love
him: we are looking for a sub to join us I would say
  so you can domme her...as well as I would
  well, for the purpose of the profile anyway
me: what do you want as your user name?
him: hmmm...
him: Master is fine my dear
  and looks at her
me: * nods *
  yes, Master
him: very well...how would you prefer to be called my dear?
me: m
him: lower case m - perfect
  Maybe capital A would work better with that
  so subtle, stylish
me: It would, wouldn't it?
him: yes - A it is
me: lovely
him: bye for now m
me: soon, A
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perhaps consider... Mastur......