I Don't Like Saying It, Though

I would want that we could all discuss everything openly with mutual respect for our differences. Sadly, this concept seems to be beyond certain individuals. There are those who seemingly model themselves on 'shock jocks', snigger, snigger, ooh mummy I used a rude word, etc.

There are others who hijack other people's debates, are inordinately rude about them and spout off with their own axe to grind with no thought for other people's sensibilities.

Those who deliberately use racist or other offensive language are usually, eventually, thrown off, even if they have the habit of resurfacing later on. Others who just about stay on this side of the fence, but are nonetheless extremely rude in their manner, I think should be ignored. They have forfeited the right to be included. Some of us know who they are.


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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Here!!, here!!, Mizz :D I totally agree! :D <br />
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Great post and i thank you for sharing! :D :D <>

Yes, Eve, though obviousy I have no idea who you're talking about ;-)<br />
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And someone can just highjack the discussion in an entire group for their own reasons. Not to mention names, like the plural of a common Mexican dessert.