I Am Different ... I Am Transexual

For many who know me and those who have read my stories it is well know that I am a transexual ... a woman born in a man's body.

I've known I was a girl (at that age) and a woman all my life. Female, despite my birth defect.

I have thoughts, feelings, desires of a woman and I have on occasion acted on them.

This is not limited to my clothing choices but also my choice of sexual partners ... for me it must be a man.

I have accepted myself, with all my shot-comings and desires, long ago.

And yet I know there are still many in this world who do not and never will accept me for a multitude of reasons.

They are there reasons and I realize that.

I don't mind them commenting on my stories as long as they are not derogatory or down right rude and insulting.

For when they are that way the denigrate not only me but others like me.

It hurts to be verbally slapped this way.

I will not block you or delete you comments unless they are 'beyond the pale' and not only derogatory but also foul in their writing.

I know acceptance, tolerance and open mindedness is not a strong suit for many in this world.

But I go through every day with the hope in my heart that someday things will change.

I know and want to thank many here and by extension in the world who are tolerant of me and those like me.

It lets me realize that they maybe in fact some hope of being myself within this world.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
7 Responses Apr 16, 2012

You are who you are people who can not accept that I feel are narrow minded, I to would love to date a transexual, me being a cross dresser.

I am a Hetro...Bipolar...man.Some people are angry about that especially the Police.Sometimes in a manic state I have been a little high from the altered mood.Although I have no criminal record and I used to work for the Government for 23 years I deal with the stigma of my DNA.

Maybe that's the reason that I love Transgender people.I understand even more because I had DNA flaw that changed my brain and the way I think.It's unfair to put a negative stigma on these people.

There are many actors,writers and producers that are Bipolar and in the future there will be just as many Transgender people that we celebrate.

Forget your birth defects sweetheart, you are a woman.<br />
Forget about what anybody thinks because you don't have to<br />
explain anything to anybody. Your a woman and very beautiful<br />

This planet we share is rich with diversity in nature. Society 'norms' are a construct anyway and ignore the overwhelming evidence around that diversity IS normal.

Oh Josie, I completely know and understand what you are saying. The feelings of relief to be who I know I was all those years ago and couldn't be because of that birth defect. Now so many years later, time seems to be slipping by without me; BUT now that I have finally come to terms with it, accepted it, embraced it, and living it 100% of the time I have never been happier.<br />
<br />
And having the man in our lives, accept us for who and where we are as women, certainly brings such a joy to our hearts, doesn't it.<br />
<br />

Thanks for sharing your feelings, Josie, and I can certainly relate. That is even though I am in a lesbian relationship with my wife. But yes, those who redicule or can't accept who we are inside ... well that is their problem. Fortunately I have found more acceptance as a woman among women than rejection.<br />
But I am here for you as I am sure you are for me. Being ourselves is what is most important and that is what you and I are doing.

Thank you my friend. And yes for me too, I have found more acceptance among women.

You're welcome and exactly ... that is what I've found too. Glad to have a sister, like you, who understands and has faced, if not the same, similar experience to mine.

There just Bullies who know nothing about anything.