To Be Accepted By My Family

I've never been fully accepted by my family. I would like them to accept who I am and not judge me by my mental health condition. I don't think it's fair for anyone in my family to judge me for it.

My mental health is a medical condition and I cannot help it.

Many are misunderstoodby my mental illness and right away think bad things about me.

That hurts a lot! And I don't forget it!

Family members should be of support and love others with mental illnesses not to discriminate or being hateful towards them.

I just want acceptance from my family. From both sides.

But I know this may not ever happen because my family are very closed-minded and determined to think the worst of me just because of the way I behaved when I was younger. Then they carry that hatred towards me for years.

That's not fair.

I may not have changed much, but I'm a hard worker at making myself be well.

I just wish my family could see that and realize I'm only human too.

I just want to be accepted by them. Is this too much to ask?
noaht43 noaht43
46-50, T
Oct 23, 2012