Never, ever, will I settle...
Not for the 9-5 job - that might be a means to an ends, but it is not the end.
Not for the TV - it has it's place, but I'd rather live it than watch it.
Not for the house - refuse to stay in one place for 10-20-30 years.
Not for tourist attractions - sure, give me Stonehenge and the Collesium, or the Great Wall, but also give me the dive where the blue collar workers eat, the clubs where only the locals go, and the celebrations I don't understand.
Not for politics and religion as usual - i'll always respect what you believe, but maybe it's time for a revolution on why and how we behave.
Not for pillaging the earth - we can't go to another one.
Not for dying inside - my creative self longs to live, run, dance, fly, shout, sing, and out of nothing, find something lovely and wonderful and funny and heartbreaking and thoughtful and life changing.

I will never settle because adventure is always just around the corner. I refuse to put up my tent where no corners exist.
1nourmindseye 1nourmindseye
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4 Responses Aug 10, 2011

Perfectly put!!

Wow :)

Once in a while inspiration comes. :)

Wow. =) Thank you for articulating so wonderfully this feeling. =)