Exploring The Extraordinary (ReVamped)

I have a good life. I have an ordinary life. It's plain and simple, just like I wanted. I had aspired for a simple life when I wanted to process all of my adventures from the last 2-3 years. But now I'm seeking a new adventure. I'm seeking the extraordinary. 

I want to explore new sides of myself. Sides of me that I've never seen before. What else is there? I see myself in everyone now, the people I use to hang with, the people I use to admire, the people I use to be. I want to hear something I've never heard before, see things I've never seen before, do things I've never done before. I want to experience something that is new to me. 

So I've decided to start with people watching. On the days when I am around people, instead of going into my own little world, I will allow my eyes to look outwards and observe them. I just want to watch them and see what comes through. I'll start there and hopefully it will lead me somewhere.
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Jul 4, 2012