An Inevitable End

How much longer do you think your way of life will last? The signs of the coming collapse are everywhere. What do you think is the reason you have things like cell phones, cars, and grocery stores? Oil. Everything you buy, including food, either has oil in it or uses oil in its manufacture. You have been raised to believe that there is no end to the growth of our nations economy because of the free market system which most of you don't even understand the true principals of because you get all your information from CNN. As of 2009, conservative estimates say there are roughly 1.354 trillion barrels of oil left in all the worlds major reserves. The planet collectively uses 88 million barrels per day. If you do the math that comes out to 15,386 days or 42 years of oil left in the ground. So what happens then? The money that you spent your entire life chasing has no real value unless there is oil. Unlimited growth is a lie you have been fed your whole life. You CANNOT base a monetary system built upon a paradigm of INHERENT DEBT and therefore INFLATION when it is entirely dependent on a FINITE resource like oil. Once the oil is gone and therefore the root collateral of all loans than money will become useless because all money is created with interest by the fractional reserve banking system. Money is the illusion of the value of assets which all derive from oil. Our world economy is literally the very definition of a pyramid scheme. Mass inflation and in turn economic collapse are therefore inevitable. Prepare yourselves now because when it happens its going to happen fast and the government or whatever political parties ideology you follow is not going to save you. Start hording what has tangible value. What will replace money as currency of value when the collapse happens isn't water, food, or gold. It is simply seeds. Self-pollinating, whole, non-GMO seeds. This along with the cultivation of primitive survival skills is the only thing that is going to save not you, but your children and theirs. Stop blaming Obama and the geo-political climate for the problems you think matter like welfare, healthcare, social security, and jobs. All of these things will simply cease to exist once the oil is gone. I am not a conspiracy theorist. Everything I have said is based on hard evidence. The oil really is going to run out and this happy dream we have been living is going to come an abrupt end. Stop watching CNN and learn what's really going on by doing the research for yourself instead of swallowing what's fed to you.
richiebarrow richiebarrow
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Thanks, richiebarrow.

I’m glad to see you that you have such a good understanding of the perils that face us on this soon to be resource starved planet. Please continue to make efforts to wake everybody up while you focus on prepping for when the hammer falls.

Go in piece.
I’m rooting for you.

I'm trying but it's difficult to make headway with people wrapped up in their petty day to day squabbles. People seem to not care as long as their cell phones and laptops are still working fine. I guess they don't realize they're living in a dream world while our Mother Earth is being bled dry. But it lightens my heart to know there are at least some people with a level of awareness akin to my own.