Left Stranded Without A Phone.

It started after Breaking up with my fiancé. After being together for three years we were simply wanting different things in life. After I closed that book I dated what I called a rebound I mean it was three years!! I dated a guy I went to school with who also had a 2 year old child at that time. I was 21 at that time and was on the search for adventure. I did not find the guy attractive he was just cool to hangout with. What started as friendship was then a fling. I knew in my min that this would never work because I was selfish, young and he had a kid. This lasted possibly about 6 months. I met a lot of his buddies and one who lived down the street from my house who was a daredevil I could tell the first time I met him. "M" was a good guy who said he liked me since high-school; his friend "J" was hardly ever around. Somehow "J" got my number. One night he called me asking me if I wanted to come over and watch a movie. I knew his intentions would be more that watch a movie and have a beer or two. We ended up hooking up that night and promised not to mention to his best friend "M". We hooked up one more time after that, "M" did not know anything at this time. After some months and a drunken night "m" used my phone and saw messages from "J" and me. He questioned me while crying ... Ironic these two are still friends. I stayed away from both of them for several months. "J" contacts me out of the blue and asked to hang out; by this time I had moved away 45 minutes away.. I was better known as a hoe and I was very much ashamed of myself for all that had happened and for actually having feelings for "J". When everything came out "J" would call me and play mind games.. Calling me as if I was calling him and telling me he wants nothing to do with me.. Calling me a psycho ***** then saying he really liked me .. You get the point. Almost a year passed when he called me and asked to hang out his exact words were " is it about that time to smash again?" I replied "tell me when" I had a plan to get him back for messing with my head, I thought about what I would do if I were to ever see him again. I picked him up, let me remind you I lived 45 minutes away from his house at this time. I brought him back to my place, he apologized for what he had said and done to me. I told him he had nothing to apologize for " I just want to ****" he gave me a look and said I had really changed since last time. We hooked up that night, I didn't let him finish he said he was tired ..the crazy came out of me and I rushed him to put his clothes on. He seemed scared and asked if everything was alright. I told him no. I told him he waisted my time and I crushed his ego. He quickly dressed, I grabbed his phone. He got in my car drove 10 minutes to a major highway told him to get off. He asked me what he did wrong I replied " nothing is wrong with me, I am a psycho ***** need you to get out of my car and you are a waste of a ****" he stepped out and his face was priceless!!! Two years passed and "J" called he wanted to have some drinks I told him he could come over if e wanted. And he did.. I had no drinks, he did. He apologized for what he had done, I laughed and told him I was surprised he would want to hang out with a psycho both like myself. He laughed and said he forgives me. I told him I was not sorry. That night he spent the night in my bed and we did not hook up. I want to say this was by far my most memorable adventure.
angie3mmf angie3mmf
26-30, F
Sep 23, 2013