I'm bored.. Ask me anything
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What's you favorite country so far?

I want to find a volunteer for a **** salute – how about you?

when was the last time you got a flat tire?

When i was a little kid

what part of china are you from?

I'm not from china 😀


I'm going to a parade today should I try and use the bathroom before I leave

Memorial Day parade


What kind of adventure are you looking for

Any kind

Add me if you'd like to discuss this further

add me an I will ask you

What's your favorite kind of adventure?

Exploring I suppose?

Cool. I love to travel so I guess you could say I like exploring too. What would you like to explore?

I like new cities and old buildings

Interesting. Those would be quite difficult to find together. Have you been to Europe?

Yes i have 😀 and i had a great time there

Wonderful buildings. I saw a 12th century monastery in Greece once. And the cathedrals! It really is breathtaking. I look at these old buildings and i cannot help but wonder how we as human forgot how to build such fine things. One of my all time favorites is the Vatican.

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