I Want Adventure In My Life

I'm so board of every day life I just want to do something. There is a whole world out their to explore and I want to explore it. If I don't get some sort excitement I'm going to go crazy. I'm just so tired of siting around all day doing absolutely nothing. I need some sort of adventure in my life.

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Same here! In fact, this may sound morbid, but sometimes I wish something happened in today's world like a zombie apocalypse or things go awry, and I'd have a sense of purpose and survival. Much more interesting than day to day boredom!!!

Same. It's like I'm wishing my life away until I can grow up and get out of this city. I don't want to leave my friends though of course. Sometimes I have to tell myself that the stories I made up are just stories and it sucks. I can't keep living a normal life. I feel like I'm meant for something greater than this. I wish and I pray but nothing happens. I'm still just 14, I'm still just me. If any of you find some way to fix this let me know because all I wanna do is cry when I think about this being the rest of my life.

noting ever stays the same and things will get better just have hope. "LEARN from yesterday, LIVE for today, and HOPE for tomorrow."

me too. crap, i just want to go run off somewhere very far away and just forget about my mundane life start a whole new one. thing is, i dont want to hurt my parents and siblings by doing so. everything here just seems so freaking unfufilling. life itself doesn't even seem worth living but i still endure it because of the people who love me.
I write fantasy and stuff like that to give fictional characters the adventure i want, but i have no idea how long it will keep me going

yeah i know exactly what you mean reality is just so damn boring. I just recently started writing a fantasy book myself. idk if i'll ever finish it though

can i read what it's about? have you written a blurb or something similar?

lol i haven't really gotten anywhere i don't even have a paragraph written yet and sorry idk what a blurb is this my fist time doing this so i don't really know anything about writing just had this story in my head forever and i guess i kinda just want to get it out i prob won't even get anywhere with it i'm already stuck i'm not sure how to ever start it

a blurb is what's on the back of most novels... it tells you what the story is about without spoiling stuff

oh i see thanks and no i don't have one then

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Yeah same here

life is so boring without adventure. we do the same thing everyday. sometimes i feel like im trapped in a bubble that i can't escape from. i dream of being in an alternate reality where supernatural things happen and endless opportunities and possibilities arise. then again, dreaming only takes you so far. when my eyes open, im snapped back into reality. and reality sucks.

me too , im like u. maybe it is places in the world who isnt detected , and i too just want a adventure .

Me too! I want adventure! I want fight evil creatures and bring justice to the world! Where are the real heroes in this world?

same here

You know something? I know exactly how you feel...brief insight to me had been with my lady 9 years bought house had little boy now seven which I adore,everything rolling along ok then 18 months ago things start to go wrong,me working nights she going out til early hours with new friend...blah blah roll on 18 months I find myself living alone bored unloved depressesd ! <br />
Anyway a week a go went to work booked all my leave and booked a flight to India chennai don't ask me why ? Then looked at were can I go from there...andaman islands mmmh sounds nice ok bit of scuba diving nice weather fishing other travellers..ok were from here? Flight to goa chill with the hippies! Top up the tan,were to next cheap train goa to delhi.. Experience the culture the unknown of what's going to happen next! See the taj mahal,you know what I figure were only on this planet Ia short time really life passes you by quickly if you not careful and all you take with you are your memories so if your fed up like I was feeling get out there and do something about it ,It might not go to plan but he'll you will have something to talk about years from now.....now were dd I put my passport!

So reality is that life will never be like a cool book or movie or video game. We only have reality, no matter how hard we wish for something more. So what then. Do we just have to settle? Lower our expectations of life? How depressing. They say go to college, you'll find something you will enjoy doing and life will be happy. When I know for a fact that nothing this world has to offer will ever come close to what I really want. I know it sounds pessimistic but it's true. So I guess I just have to change my way of thinking, they say happiness comes from your mind not your surroundings or events. That still is like just settling for something less. I know what I want, what I really really want. But it doesnt exist. I wish I could find happiness out of this mundane boring life. I'll just have to settle for something that makes me content.

i know exactly what you mean i feel the same i want so much more out of life i've even created my own fantasy world inside my head

i know exactly what u mean. there is a mental state that i like to get into when im bored. ull have to find a way to make it work 4 u, but i always lie comfortably on my back and pretend to be someone else or to be myself in an adventure. it works really well if u have favorite characters from books or movies or other things that you can pretend to be. it also works if u have a vivid imagination, but that doesnt seem to be a problem 4 u. :)

i do the same thing! I thought I was the only one

i know tell me about it i spend sleepless nights dreaming of being link or maybe ichigo you know what i mean i always watch and play these games and animes and it just kind of creates a door of escape from my mediocre average boring life and i wish that even if it were for just one day id love to be one of them to experience life with that kind of adventure and excitment. lol but every time i say this to my friends or family they just laugh and say its stupid its kinda of annoying being sorrunded by people who dont believe in my dreams but i never care what they say i ignore it and keep dreaming whats the point of dreaming if you dont dream high right? but i made a promise to my self that i will one day have what i wish for so badly and i promise to you aswell one day youll have an adventure also just keep aiming for it

Exactly sometimes I just wish that life was like a video game go out into the field fight monsters and train become stronger save the world and all that fun stuff.

I couldn't know more what you mean, at home day in day out, sitting here alone dreaming of a adventure, a story line and a life to experience, something new to be the first to achieve your peak of greatness to accomplish all you need and to rise as a hero thats what i dream for i wish life was just like as it was in my dreams because only then do i think i would really be satisfied life is one big circle gong around and around repeating it self in the same continuous way i can only dream now but i shall never stop dreaming ill have my adventure my story my life one day because ill keep hoping for it you do the same and youll have all you need too

thanks for the tip but I kind of can't drive right now.

Don't just hang around the house all the time doing nothing. Get out and go places where yu can meet other. Join a club wiher you can meet others. Start buuilding up a circle of friends - women and men. Do they allow wofes in the NCO club? You might strike up a frriendship there,But don't just sit at home alone bored to death.There's got to be something you can do.

It sure would

It would make life a lot more interesting.

I feel exactly the same. Life, at the moment, is just one boring continuous loop. why cant life be like it is in books?

yeah my husband is a marine not very fun so I'll have to pass on that one but thanks anyway.

Join the Army. Im no recruiter but ive been to more than 10 different countries. Traveled the world so to say. <br />
<br />
Joined the Airborne. <br />
<br />
Adventure? Try jumping out of a plane with 150 lbs of gear on in pitch black darkness in the middle of the night.