And Yet I Do Not!

I enjoy it, and I tend to get it mostly with sex and to be honest it is the time when I enjoy it most. I am not one that is overly emotive (an understatement) even though my feelings and emotions tend to run deeper than many that do so (emote) much more than I. But I love to cuddle on a winter day, I love to snuggle on a cold winter morning, and I love to have sex... well pretty much all the time LOL.

So why do I love and enjoy intimacy and yet have so much trouble with it at the same time? Who knows? I guess I should say I want, love and enjoy it, but I don't always need it? Yes that sounds about right.
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3 Responses Feb 8, 2011

because affection, closeness & intimacy require trust and a degree of relinquishment of control. That can be a daunting proposition if you've learned that emotional self-protection is essential.

Don't need it. Yeah, I can empathise with that. It's nice to have, but I really haven't had too many nights where I've lamented that my bed is empty.

Two nude souls tightly Cuddled on a winter night & involved in depth of wonderful<br />
sex is the finest fantacy my dear....