I Have Found So Much More Intimacy Than I Ever Thought Possible

Up untill I met my present wife,I never knew how strong,and how deep intimacy could be.After 14 very short years of marriage to her-my third wife,
I've never felt so loved,and truly cared for till We got married.I married her,knowing full well, just how many challenges we faced together.
She has Spina-Bifida,and was born with disability
I knew going in-that we'd probably never have much in the way of a sex life,but I'd already been there done that to the point of never caring,if,
or when I ever had sex,again,truth be told I needed a rest from it all.
I really love just caring for her,and looking after her needs,and over our years together we've gotten so close,that she can even tell when I'm only thinking of
starting to get into mischief!I love her more than life itself, because I know she truly loves me,and to me--that's all that really matters.
I can sense when she's getting hungry,or when she needs anything else,for that matter.
Intimacy-is not the rudimentry touching that an ape might try,
it goes so much deeper into my soul,for example,when I'm away working,and I call to see how she's doing-and there's no answer-I almost immediately
go into panic mode-wondering what's wrong,what if she's hurt-or fallen down in the apt.-or whatever.
This,to me-is what I know,as closeness,and intimacy.The root of it all-is caring for one another-every moment of every single day.

mymindseye mymindseye
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that's beautiful,

You two truly are an amazing couple..Congrats on 15 yrs. together..

I am the very lucky wife the mymindseye is so sweet to say so many nice things about, and he is right. I really do love him with every fibre of my being!! Because I was born handicapped, I never thought, as a young woman, that any man would ever be interested in me. Imagine my surprise when mymindseye asked me out for coffee one day! I had already thought that he was very sensitive and gentle, but I had no idea that he actually like me and wanted to get to know me better. Well, we have been together for almost 15 years now, and I love him more every day!! We have had our share of problems over the years, but it is really amazing how many of lifes little troubles seem much less trivial when you are truly loved. God Bless.

an extremely loving husband...your wife is very lucky...

you are truly a wonderful husband and man