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Not Just A Body Beside Me

We look into each other's eyes before we even speak. We must communicate and not just talk. I must feel our connection. I must know that it is going to be more than physical. When we embrace, when we lay together, when we make love, I must know that you feel me, desire me. I must know there is no place you would rather be and absolutely no one else that you would rather be with. That when we make love we each give it our all. We devour each other with passion. I have to know that you have been overcome with pleasure. After the loving we have the knowledge that all our desires have been fulfilled. And then, many more tender moments follow as we lay together in the glow.
lifetolive lifetolive 56-60, M 15 Responses Oct 29, 2011

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glad you know what you want and need - go for it

that is so amazing, you are going to make some woman very happy

Wow. Amazing story. You deserve happiness and passion in your life. I am still amazed by all the people on this site living so alone in a marriage. It was like a prison for me. I moved out and filed for divorce and have a lot of anxiety. I am hoping the divorce will not be too ugly and I will become less fearful. Why do you stay?

'We devour each other with passion'. Very detailed, sensual and vivid piece, Life.

Thank you. :)

I really want this too.... for once!

I so want that.

I know what you mean

Sounds heavenly. This is what I dream of. Beautifully written.

thanks for reading and ur kind comments.

This is such a feel good story!

You've just explained how I feel.

Yes that is true cataclysmic shudder ! I agree how you put it so ebulliently. That is what true love is, when someone only desires to be with you and no one else, and sharing it is their only concern. I applaud this from a man's stand point! Excellent

i thank u so much for ur kind words.

Yes I had it once,but then lost it and have not got it back since.

thanks for ur comment

Your welcome, ..Hopefully I might get it back someday, but at the moment it looks bleak.

I think you have a true understanding of what it means for two people to really be together. The physical, when that is all there is, will not make the relationship last. There has to be much more.

Beautifully written. You have a way with words!

I'm in the glow just reading this. ;)