I Really Do Want It All....

This will most probably be this one & only story i will post with a sex reference.......for my own safety lol

But yes.....I Want Affection, Closeness, Intimacy..... but more then that i want it all....

I want......

a man that kisses me good morning, like im the most sexy woman he has ever seen, even when i have hair hanging in my eyes, non sexy pjs on...
a man that lights up when he sees me no matter how hard his day was, a man that touches my hand just to show he is there, looks at me and smiles across a crowd of people, who tells me he is proud to be mine, and have me be his. a man that listens when i talk, not just listen but hears what i am saying....a man that shows his love for me without words being said.

I want a lover, somebody that makes my body melt in his hands, a man that makes my body move with his kisses, caresses my curves with his tongue....a man that takes his time with me, loves my body, makes love to my soul...a man that looks into my eyes when he makes love to me, a man that tastes my want for him on my lips and tells me that...a man that doesnt just use me to get his needs met, but enjoys ever second in my arms.....every second being one with my body...

i want a man that is also my friend, a man that loves, respects & adores me. who cares when im crying who smiles when i laugh. a man that understands me...

most of all....i want my one big love affair, my one big love, my one.

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16 Responses May 16, 2012

Unfortunately, when you are that man, your wife decides to have a cyber affair and destroy your faith in the fidelity of marriage. The pieces to pick up are sad and sharp, and jagged and deformed.

I don't think you have it all at once my husband does those things but not always when I want.. :)

Wow:) I would live that myself

WOW...I couldn't have said this any better..It's exactly what I want..Great Story!!!

omg Miss black magic I just cant stop reading this I love they way u inspired urself the words u used ... I keep on reading it over and over ...... I wish I had a MN like that in my life ........ Every woman would love to have Man the way u discribe.......

This is so romantic I think every woman wants a man like that

Well, it seems that the difficulty is the same on my side of the equation. I am up to the challenge to meet your expectations and looking for the female version. Any suggestions where I should search?

I have exactly that with a lady that is married. I adore her in every way, everything you have said I feel. For someone I can never ever have. It's a long story. It wasn't an affair, but for me not a happy ending. When you do find someone, I hope u are happy xx

That is the most beautiful and sad thing I have ever read. Beautiful because that is what love is, sad because I thought I had that but I don't and probably never will. I am crying reading this. I envy your ability to write such touching thoughts.

I cried too. Sorry ur not where u thought u were. Big hugs. X

it's possible to find this, but it's often disguised, and comes with other things you didn't think about. don't toss out those with potential -- and some even become what you are seeking. it's part of the intrigue and fun of life. good luck!

I guess my question is does any woman have this? This seems like fairy tale. I agree with you 100%, I'm looking for the same thing. I'm already tired of looking.<br />
Good luck on your journey.

Aww...sweetie. You deserve this and so much more! I think every woman is looking for this very same thing. I wish you luck in finding him quickly and when you do.......Can I have his Pop? lol (Just kidding..but not really! ) ;)

WOW!!!!! That was an exhilarating read :)

=) You'll find him. I know it <3

that was wonderfully put magic. i know exactly what you mean

no you arent magic

This was more romantic that your first line suggested.<br />
<br />
This was quite nice! :-)