I am sorry,
But i must imprison you for all eternity,
So behind these walls you must forever stay
Even if you cry
I cannot release you
This dungeon will forever be your home...
I must protect you at all cost...
Eons past...
I forget you
Memories faded...
Your existence becomes a myth
Then... haphazardly... it comes
Like a beast, it stalked me... silently
Now it seeks to devour me
Its touch send shivers through my spines
Its eyes pierce my soul
Its breath melts my confidence
And with a single utterance, i bow defeated...
It silently walks past me
Seek you
Smelling your odor from behind the walls
Finally it leaps...head first
it finds you
Then with one mighty roar... it devours you...
And once again, i have lost you
Dear heart
I have failed you,
Once again, the beast of love has found you
It seems no matter how hard i try to hide you
Love will always find you...
Forgive me my heart.... i am forever weak...
MaskedAngel16 MaskedAngel16
22-25, F
May 16, 2012